As we all know, the chess and card game industry is developing rapidly, and a large number of chess and card games are emerging in the market. However, high-quality chess and mahjong APP game products can compete in the market, and chess products need to be able to meet market demand and player needs in order to achieve success in operation.
Red Bird Technology adheres to the long-term development as the goal, and uses market conditions as a guide to develop game products that keep pace with the times, and is committed to achieving win-win results with customers with intimate service and perfect after-sales service. As a professional chess game developer, Red Bird Technology is how to develop products with real market demand and player needs.
1. Understand player needs
The chess game development process is not a process that R&D personnel can imagine. Before the R&D, the R&D personnel must know what kind of chess game products the player needs. What features must be available, what functions can be realized, and what kind of operation the user prefers. The way, with the demand point as the center, can really make the products that customers want.
A quality board game product should not be limited to a single game, you can attract players by competition activities, check-in rewards, and so on. Red Bird Technology can integrate rich gameplay and perfect functions into its products according to customers’ needs.
2, fully test the game
After the chess game comes out, the tester is arranged to test, find the bug and repair it. The game test is an iterative process. Some problems may not appear in the first test, but the next test may be checked out. of.
After each game development of Redbird Technology, we need to do three stages of testing. In the early, middle and late stages, we can ensure that the game can be used normally without the obvious game BUG, and then the customer will be in the process of using it. The problem will also solve the problem in the first time.
3, perfect after-sales service
A good chess player is not letting go after selling the product. It will upgrade the board game platform according to the user’s needs, and will continue to fix the bug for perfection.

Today is the 2400th birthday of the prince of the demon’s realm (you).
You make a lot of effort in a demon summoning ritual in order to have
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