when nobita enters in room, he finds Doraemon lying unconscious on the floor. Nobita tries a lot to wake him up, but fails. Finally, he takes out time-television from his pocket and contacts Doraemi. After examining his brother, Doraemi exclaims that his battery had failed and had only two options. One is that taking him to robotic technician in 22nd century who will replace his battery and thus resulting complete memory-loss or else waiting until a competent robotic technician develops a perfect battery for him without any memory loss. Nobita chooses second one. He then completely changes and told his friends a lie that Doraemon went back to 22nd century.He start studying well and becomes determined to become a Successful robotic A.I. Scientist.
The story dates to future where all the friends are graduates. On the last day of their graduation, Dekisugi who is madly in love with Shizuka proposes her. But she eventually rejects him saying that she needs time and permission from her father. Gian is a successful businessman now and Suneo is the president of Honekawa company which manufactures many automobiles. But Nobita is a scientist but still a part of madness and innocent behaviour rests with him. He usually do a lot of silly things which made shizukha to like him and she eventually accepts his proposal rejecting Dekisugi’s.

Does Doraemon really die in the last episode?
The night before wedding, Nobita, Shizukha, Gian and Suneo do an adventure in reaching airport on time to handle Mii-chan, a cat to her owner who is leaving abroad. Finally, they make on time and after watching the owner-pet love, Shizukha rememebers her father who gifted a dog Peru on her first birthday. That night, Gian, Suneo , Nobita and Dekisugi had a joyful dinner at Gian’s home and Jeiko served them. Later on, On his way home, Nobita met his teacher and he questioned about his sudden change in attitude.Then he answered that change comes in everyone but it only depends on time.
At the same time, in Shizukha’s home, she helped her mother and went to her ill-health and old father’s room and then she questioned her father whether her decision to marry Nobita is correct or not. Then his father told, “The day when you are born to us, we felt blessed. You gave all the joy to both me and your mother. But now I am proud of you for taking such a best decision. Nobita may be innocent and mischievous but he is one of the kind-hearted and good determined person. I am sure he will make you happy”.
On the day of their wedding, Everyone visited and blessed them. Even Dekisugi arrived with his future wife, a scientist. And they married happily. After few days, when Shizukha entered Nobita’s room to hand coffee, then she saw Nobita repairing something. And finally he exclaimed “I did it”. Then a robot woke up and asked “Nobita, Did you complete your homework ?” Tears filled in both of their eyes and they both hugged Doraemon tightly and then Nobita narrated everything. Thereafter, they lived happily. Nobita and Shizukha used to go for work where as Doraemon takes care of their son Nobisuke.